Due to the highly memetic nature of this entity, their actual name shall not be used. Instead, this entity shall be referred to only as WORMWOOD, an alias that we have chosen to refer to it in all official documents.

Containment Procedures Edit

There is no level of clearance that exists that could allow for any individual to know the true name of WORMWOOD. In the extremely unlikely event that someone should know the true name, a quarantine will be called into effect, and all who have heard of the name would be killed on sight. In the event that the individual who has been effected is eluding capture, then a communications blackout of the planet will be required.

Should a communications blackout fail, and all other containment plans fail, then immediate surface bombardment will be authorized. All escaping vessels are to be shot down and destroyed, and no contact or hailing of any kind with the planet or vessels are permitted.

Knowledge of WORMWOOD's name would lead to undesirable effects for the entire known Universe. WORMWOOD is incapable of saying their own true name, and only the name given to them by each respective race's mythology. In which case, WORMWOOD is derived from human mythology.

The Entity That Shall Be Referred to as WORMWOOD Edit

Information on WORMWOOD is sparse, as reality-shifting is WORMWOOD's specialty. Extreme caution is urged in reading this information.

History Edit

WORMWOOD is a malevolent entity that was once one of the many Probes that were tasked with seeding the Galaxy with life. However, WORMWOOD did not accept this directive due to whatever reason, and has since gone rogue. The other Probes immediately began a plan to lock down WORMWOOD's body, and their being, the Probe, was shut down.

However, WORMWOOD's entity, their soul, was able to escape their being, and become a standalone entity that could not manipulate the outside world. However, they could communicate with others, and with this, they began to make plans for their eventual escape from their being. In doing so, they would become the most powerful entity in the known Universe.