This is a timeline of most major events within the Galaxy. This timeline uses Earth years as the form of measurement.

Timeline Edit

Pre-Iraxian Era Edit

  • -13,000,000,000 BC
    • The Galaxy is formed.
  • -11,000,000,000 BC
    • The Irax System, the system where Iraxians evolved, is created.
  • -6,000,000,000 BC
    • Iraxians evolve, and develop spaceflight.
  • -5,000,000,000 BC
    • Iraxians go extinct, but develop the Probes and the Apexians to carry on their legacy. The Probes contain their minds, while the Probes contain their DNA.
  • -4,500,000,000 BC
    • Most life-bearing planets are created, and seeded with life at around this time.