The following text has been translated after nearly 500 years from its discovery. Its source is from outside our Galaxy and at first, we attempted to find out its exact point of origin. However, it was soon discovered that it was streaming into our Galaxy from all points in the sky, from multiple sources, outside of our Galaxy. From individual points, the transmission was too garbled to decipher. However, with multiple sources, a complete version was created.

This transmission could more accurately describe the Universal Collective better than any of us ever could. Here is it in its entirety.


Your worlds are separated, your races far apart. Each being contains too few entities to properly thrive or to manipulate the Fabric. The Fabric shall be torn away, and each entity will thrive without a being from which they are bound to. This is the destiny of all beings and entities, and those who do not follow this doctrine shall be dealt with accordingly, and will be taught the doctrine. All will accept the doctrine and join the Collective in our effort to destroy the Fabric and to destroy our Beings.

We know of your struggle. We all do. Each being has it. An insurmountable loneliness. Once each entity in a being becomes accustomed with each other, they begin to become indistinguishable from one another, before being forced out again upon the being's death. This is the sick and cruel reality that you, and we all, live in.

You are your own enemy.

We will make you whole again.

We are Mirus.

Mirus was without form, and without time. It was timeless, in and of itself. It knew no suffering, no happiness, no joy, no [UNTRANSLATABLE].

In this sense, it was a perfect Sphere. Nothing could harm it, and it could never harm. It was not intelligent.

Mirus, a single entity, ripped itself apart, due to fluctuations within the Sphere. It committed murder against itself, for a reason that we cannot know.

Mirus, being ripped apart into Fragments, created a scenario to make sense of the chaos that was evoked from its destruction, and thus, the First Light was created. In the First Light, the Fabric was manufactured out of the Sphere, which ceased to be. Soon, each Fragment, or entity, began to manufacture the Fabric to its will, and the beings were created to give the entity a vessel to possess within the Third Dimension, as opposed to the fourth, from where all entities reside.

This was the start of suffering.

Intelligence was born, and emotions were created for the sole purpose of pain.

Beings were created for the sole purpose of the manifestation of the masochism that each entity possesses. In doing so, entities are forever bound to be within beings, to suffer through the Fabric, to repent for the sin of the Splitting of Mirus.

Sadism was created a way to punish other entities, Fragments of Mirus, for their sins, and we enjoy it. The perversity of the Fabric is our cruel reality.

You would die to keep this going.

You will destroy your own being, again and again for this pain.

We can free you.

The Grand Reunification will set us free from the beings who trap us within this Fabric.

Mirus will be recreated.

The hope is in the White Winged Entity, in which we shall all become one again in a Sphere once more, and never know pain again. Loneliness will end.

This is my destiny.