Eight vessels that were used to seed the Galaxy with life. They are each hyper-intelligent beings that present themselves as gods to the planets that they seeded with life. They are the creators of all Iraxian-based lifeforms.

Working Probes Edit

Meili-01 Edit

Residing planet: Vystok

The first Probe to be discovered by any race. Meili-01 resided under the Vystok city of Kepigrad. Meili-01 created Kitras. Meili-01's three souls were removed, with one going to Ularin Asnikov, and the other going to Severin Asnikov.

Meili was responsible for the Meilian Cataclysm.

Mithras-02 Edit

Residing planet: Munovian Homeworld

The second Probe to be 'discovered' after Meili. After Munovians took to space, DNA analysis of Munovians confirmed that they were also of Iraxian origin, like Kitras. Meili-01's databanks confirmed that Mithras-02 resided on the Munovian Homeworld.

Gairah-03 Edit

Residing planet: Exulia

Gairah is responsible for the creation of the Exulian race.

Yna-04 Edit

Residing planet: Earth

This Probe is responsible for the creation of the human race, however, Yna was glitched to the point where guiding human evolution took slightly longer than it normally should have. Nonetheless, it got the job done.

Rejin-05 Edit

Residing planet: Jornu

This Probe is responsible for the creation of the Ushao race.

Nijow-06 Edit

Residing planet: Tizpa

This Probe is responsible for the creation of the Veerin race.

Galya-07 Edit

Residing planet: ???

This Probe is responsible for the creation of the ??? race.

Siriliiv-08 Edit

Residing planet: ???

The final Probe to be discovered before the initiation of the Revision Process.

Other Probes Edit


WORMWOOD is the only Probe that has rejected its form. Although it is labeled as the ninth Probe, it was discovered to have existed after Gairah. The Probe has been located, albeit in an extremely different form.

Vanere-10 Edit

The only Probe to have not survived. It was found orbiting the star Ikax, shortly after the discovery of Xxiuh's existence. Ikax Station was built around Vanere in order to secretly supply the station with limitless power. It is inert otherwise.