Pitdurks are a species of raptors-like folk native to the jungle-covered planet of Auren'g. They're a short-lived and tree-dwelling race known for their interesting sexual trimorphism, bright feathery plumage, and highly social culture.

Physiology Edit

Pitdurks are a bipedal race, with digitigrade legs and arms that are shorter than most Iraxian-based species. They are denoted by their short, rounded snouts, bright feathery plumage, three distinct sexes, and cold-blooded systems. Pitdurks have an average lifespan of about 70 years, some of the shortest among the other Iraxian-based species.

Lifespan and Sex Edit

Pitdurks are split into three distinct sexes: Fertilizers, Producers, and Incubators. The first stage of reproduction involves a Fertilizer and Producer mating, after which the Producer will gestate the egg for about two months. When the egg is ready, the Producer will implant the egg into an Incubator, who will nurture and carry the egg for another four months before giving live birth. Eggs can carry anywhere from one to three separate hatchlings, which is usually denoted by the size of the egg itself.

Once a hatchling is born, it takes about 3 months time for the child to begin to walk and talk on their own. During this time, a child is cared for by the parents and their family. Upon hitting three months in age, a child is given their name based on certain physical features and their family name.

History Edit

Pitdurks evolved from one of the many species of dinosaur-like animals that inhabited Auren'g. Although there are other raptor-like animals that still inhabit Auren'g, much like how there are primates still living on Earth, only the Pitdurks seem to have evolved a level of intelligence that would consider them people. Eventually they would learn to use tools and begin to migrate to cover most of the planet. Once Pitdurks had covered most of the planet, societies started to develop.

Beliefs Edit

Pitdurks believe all life in the universe was created by The Broodmothers, ancient deities who formed then seeded the planets throughout the stars with life. The belief is that these deities left their physical forms once the process was complete, and now reside in a holy realm to take in those who have passed away, only to reseed them among the stars. Modern Pitdurk religions also believe other species are a result of the Broodmothers' actions.

Early History Edit

Pitdurks started out a very social species, forming tribes ranging from 20 individuals to whole nations of thousands, even in prehistory. Prehistoric Pitdurks are said to have been birds of some sort, with great colorful wings and fierce talons to rip apart prey. These Pitdurks lived among the trees, building primitive structures in the tall branches on the homeworld of Auren'g. Nowadays, the only remnant of this prehistoric form are the Pinion feathers on the back of Fertilizers and the feathery coats of Incubators. As life on Auren'g moved forward, so did Pitdurk society. Larger, more organized cities were built, now being formed on the ground more than in the trees. Laws were formed, science progressed, and by the year 2344 SE (Standard Era), modern civilization had started.

Modern Era Edit