Meili is the Aeternist god of Balance and Order, and one of the natural gods of that religion. Meili was also the name given to the Probe under Kespigrad that gave rise to life on Vystok, and by extension, created the Kitras. Meili has been reincarnated many times. As their original Iraxian beings, as a Probe, and then finally as Severin, Ularin, Savalsk and Uliasha Asnikov.

Aeternist god Edit

In Aeternist belief, Meili and Nijow were both created by the Creator at the same time. Nijow, the god of matter, was tasked with creating the Universe, while Meili brought balance between light and dark. The other gods were offspring of Meili and Nijow, including the rest of the natural gods, and the living gods.

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History Edit

The history of Meili is by far, the most complicated of any of the Probes, as far as we know. More individuals have been Meili than any other beings have been a Probe's being for their souls.

Iraxian Era and Post-Iraxian Era Edit

Meili, like the other Probes, were designed and created by the Iraxians in an attempt to salvage some aspect of their genetic code. Also like the other Probes, Meili was uploaded with multiple souls, who were all previously Iraxians. Meili was uploaded with three souls.

In doing so, Meili and the other nine Probes were tasked with seeding the Galaxy with life. Although two of the other Probes failed at their mission (WORMWOOD and Vanere), the other seven were also successful. Eventually, after already having seeded multiple planets with life, Meili came upon Vystok. Meili deposited the last of its organic materials onto the material, and promptly crashed down on the planet, and over time, became buried.

Rediscovery Era Edit

Although not the first Probe to be chronologically discovered, Meili is the first Probe discovered by Kitras. Meili was discovered as a massive fluctuating power signature under the city of Kespigrad. When a science team drilled down into the ground, they found a massive chamber atop the "face" of Meili, which was five miles across, ten miles long. The top of Meili was a mile underground. Meili, appearing to have an infinite power source, became the primary source of power for the entire planet of Vystok, unbeknownst to the general public.

During routine experimentation, Meili lost two of its souls. That same day, the twins Severin and Ularin were born to the royal Asnikov family of the Vystok Empire, the planet-wide nation. Severin and Ularin were determined to have both of the lost souls of Meili, but this was a highly guarded secret kept from the public. For the time being, experimentation on Meili was halted after its entire data banks were scoured of information. From its data banks, the Iraxian language was easily translatable, and the elusive Revision Process was first described.

While two of Meili's souls now resided in the Asnikov twins, there was still one left within Meili, which kept it active.

Severin and Ularin Edit

As Severin and Ularin, both had no memories of their former life. Severin and Ularin showed an extraordinary connection to each other, although this was passed off as the fact that both were twins.

Through the events of the First Revolution, Ularin created the Vystok Republic, effectively ending the Vystok Empire. Although not elected its first leader, or a leader at all, she still worked as a political adviser and helped guide the young republic in the right direction until her murder by Severin, at the command of WORMWOOD.

Her DNA was saved by Severin, and her soul was able to be salvaged, and kept for nearly 600 years until the cloning process that led to the 'hatching' of Savalsk Asnikov. In this sense, Savalsk is the clone and reincarnation of Ularin, and also is essentially Meili.