Coraeans are a humanoid avian species that evolved on the planet of Corae within the Aukuras System. Their sapience, alongside foretalons and wings which function similar to human arms and hands, are what set them apart from most other avian species residing within the galaxy.

History Edit

Evolution Edit

Pre-modern Coraeans, alongside all other life on Corae, was seeded by the probe Nijow. Coraeans evolved from a species of incredibly large flight-capable avians, similar in appearance to the falcons native to Earth. Incredibly strange wing structure, as well as easy access to natural prey on the ground, prompted these birds to slowly evolve "hands" with opposable thumbs to facilitate capture of prey whilst grounded. This change, unfortunately, caused the species to almost completely lose their ability to fly, their new extremities causing the action to be cumbersome and awkward for any extended period of time. Following adjustment to flightlessness, the pre-Coraeans began climbing trees to keep out of the reach of land predators. Shortly after this defence mechanism took root throughout the entire species, evolution began favouring those with longer legs and 'arms' more suited for climbing, giving the Coraeans their distinctive humanoid shape.

Pre-History Edit

Following their ascent into physical and behavioural modernity, Coraeans began mass-migrations from their original range, slowly populating their entire continent and, eventually, their entire world. Shortly after the migrations began, avians began cultivating medium sized ground beasts, herding them and driving these herds as they migrated actross the land. This action allowed populations above a single family unit to accompany each other on these migrations due to the surplus of food and other supplies these animals afforded, causing tribes and eventually nations to be formed.

Early History Edit

Not much is known of Coraean history before their eventual forays into space, but it can be assumed that they functioned similar to many of the other intelligent apex predators in the galaxy. They formed nation-states, fought and killed each other for these nation-states, and developed many different technologies culminating in faster-than-light travel.

First Age Edit

The Coraeans, upon developing faster-than-light travel, united the planet's many nation states under a single banner, which belonged to the new Coraean Republic, an oligarchic indirect-democracy dedicated to furthering the species's interest in their own star system and star-systems beyond. This republic swelled as the Coraeans began colonizing more and more systems, eventually becoming one of the largest superpowers in the galaxy. During this age, the Republic began an alliance with Earth and Exulia, which eventually pulled them into the First War.

First War Edit

The Coraeans and their alliance overextended, prompting the Cheveki of the Vystok Empire to launch a surprise attack against both sides of the war, catapulting Vystok to galactic superpower status and crippling the Coraeans as well as their allies. According to a post war ruling heavily influenced by Vystok, the Coraeans were key aggressors in the war and as such were a direct cause of the countless millions of casualties. As a result of this ruling, they were stripped of all planetary holdings outside of their homeworld. Their population was heavily pruned, down to a breeding population of 15,000 and a total population of 50,000. This population was then relieved of all of their previously invented technology down to basic tools before being administered heavy amnestics, causing them to forget all but their base animal instincts. Following this, the population was released upon Corae to rebuild their society and species from the ground up.

Second Age Edit

The Coraeans repeated their pre- and early history following the ruling by the post-war council. They reached the technological equivalent to the Human Dark Ages before stalling completely in terms of further development for nearly a thousand years in what Coraean historians called the Great Dark Age. Nine-hundred years into this great dark age, the Coraeans found a boon in a crater on a forgotten continent: a crashed but nearly completely intact First Age capital construction ship. Over this ship, the nations now established on Corae warred for nearly fifty years before making peace. The treaty that ended the great war was called the Treaty of Corae, and its terms assured that all nations would be bound together similarly to the original Coraean Republic. This new world-wide diplomatic entity was called the Holy Coraean Empire. Alongside the new Empire, according to the wishes of the Treaty, an entirely new caste of people was created, bound to the Clergy of the sun-worshipping majority religion of Second Age Corae, and named the Magistrates. These Magistrates, collected together in holy orders influenced by the religion of the kingdoms of Corae, are tasked with piloting and operating the vessels and other technology the capital construction ship can create from seemingly thin air and maintaining diplomatic relations with any beings they meet beyond the Aukuras system, alongside overseeing the colonization of the other planets orbiting the star Aukuras.