Chevaki example

A Chevak from the far north.

Chevaki are a semi-reptilian mostly-mammalian species that evolved on the planet of Vystok within the Charren system. They are characterized by erect posture and bipedal locomotion, manual dexterity and increased tool use, and a general trend toward larger, more complex brains and societies.

Through the Vystoki Empire, a Chevaki-dominated nation, they are one of many galactic superpowers, who shape international politics. About 17 billion Cheveki live on Vystok, and 11 billion more live off Vystok, mostly within the Vystok-controlled nations, for a total of 28 billion Cheveki across the galaxy.

Cheveki are one of many races that have directly descended from the Iraxian race, which died out nearly 9 billion years ago, through directed panspermia. Cheveki, and indeed all life on Vystok, was seeded by the super-intelligent vessel known as Meili-01 (not to be confused with Meili, the Aeternist god of Balance), which now resides under Kespigrad as the power source of the entire planet.

History Edit

Evolution and range Edit

All life on Vystok was created by Meili-01 (and by extension, Iraxians) and through assisted evolution, Cheveki were created. Cheveki evolved from a canine-like quadrupedal race that slowly began to become bipedal through the need to free up hands to climb up large mesas within the Vystok deserts, which at the time, covered most of the planet.

Prehistory Edit

Nearly 200,000 years ago, Cheveki evolved from a desert dwelling race known as Kitras. Through migration and immigration, the race slowly covered the entire planet. Individual nation-states were formed, and for the most part, these nations evolved separately, rarely ever coming in contact with each other at the risk of warfare.

Early History Edit

Almost 14,000 years ago, Chevaki civilization made a dramatic turn. Diplomacy between these nation-states began, and soon, there was dialogue and commerce between these nations. There was a massive spike in scientific discoveries as civilizations all shared scientific insight. The rate of scientific advancements was proceeding unhindered, until the amount of resources that could be allocated with their current technological level was starting to dwindle. After a period of nearly 2,000 years of world peace and scientific discoveries, for the first time, warfare began.

A single arctic-based nation known as Arventis began a massive crusade against its southern neighbors in an effort for more natural resources. This was the start of a 1,000 year war, frequented by many pauses of uneasy peace. Technological progress was nearly non-existent during this time. A perpetual war began between the nations of the world against Arventis. Arventis had become the most scientifically advanced nation, compromising nearly 1/4th of the entire world. They had already made spaceflights into interstellar space with experimental faster-than-light drives.

10,000 years ago, and after 1,000 years of fighting, the nations of the world signed the Vystok Treaty, which consolidated all of Vystok's nations into the Vystok Confederacy, a nation that would act on behalf of all Chevaki in interstellar affairs. At an unknown time around this date, Chevaki had first contact with the Munovians.

First War Edit

At this time the Cheveki entered the advanced technological era, and were starting to become a space-faring nation. The Yjarvians, a neighboring race, were involved in multiple skirmishes with the fledgling Vystok Confederacy, and were expanding upon the Exulian and Human nations which also bordered with Vystok.

Although information on who fired the first shot has been lost, the Yjarv and Human nations began a massive war, the first of its immense scale. It was a total war between both nations, with the Exulians quickly joining on the side of the Humans.

While the Vystok Confederacy initially refused to join at first, internal rebellions began on Vystok, forcing the Constitution of the Vystok Confederacy to allocate all emergency powers to the monarchy of Arventis. This was met with appall and started the first worldwide revolution on Vystok, and ended with a military coup d'état in which the militaristic Asnikov family ended up in control of the Confederacy, which became the Vystok Empire with much fanfare from the Chevaki public.

War was immediately declared on all of the participating parties of the First War, and the Vystok Empire with its entire military arsenal tore through the collective armies of the Y'jarv and joint Earth + Exulian forces which were already suffering heavy causalities. The Exulians surrendered first, followed by Y'jarv, but the Humans completely refused to give up.

The Vystok Empire gave the Humans an ultimatum. Surrender, or face a planetary invasion that could leave their entire planet rubble. Despite plans for a conditional surrender, the Vystok Empire violated their own ultimatum, destroyed all off-world Human colonies, and firebombed Earth's major population centers. They then offered the Human + Chevaki treaty, and pretty much forced the Human leaders to sign it at gun point.

The terms of the treaty were that Humans were to surrender all of their technology to the Chevaki, and be sent back to the stone age on Earth. Afterwards, they were to never again develop technology past the technological level of 1500 AD. With Earth out of the picture, and much of the Exulian and Y'jarv territories absorbed into the Vystok Empire, they were now the largest super power of the Galaxy.

Discovery of Meili Edit

At around this time, a deactivated Meili-01 was discovered under Kespigrad, the newly created capital of the nation, however its discovery was kept secret from the public under the basis that this was an alien technology that was far more powerful than even Munovian technology. Meili-01 was dated to be around 9 billion years old. The first experiment on Meili-01, aimed at an attempted re-activation. The re-activation caused a world-wide electromagnetic pulse that deactivated most of Vystok's power grid.

Not long after, emperor and empress of the planet of Vystok hatched a pair of twins, to be later named Severin and Ularin Asnikov. Ularin was decided to become empress, while Severin was to not become emperor, on the basis that Ularin was far more popular with the public due to her being a very liberal thinker who wished to abolish the monarchy (of which she belonged to) and create a new republic. As soon as she became empress, she began to work towards this goal, with much support from the population. The upper class, however, greatly opposed this move, and there were many attempts on her life.

At the same time, a new company was rising up, known as Aurora Corporation, headed by Severin Asnikov after being denied the throne, was slowly and secretly buying out competitors with a seemingly never ending cash flow, however, this went mostly unnoticed as the world was preoccupied with a change of government for the worldwide nation of Vystok.

Before she could be sworn in as Empress, Ularin was found beheaded, and missing an arm. She had also been stabbed through the torso. The perpetrator was never caught, and the nation had a national day of mourning to commemorate her life. Massive and extensive investigations went into her death, but it all came up inconclusive.

Severin Asnikov, the next heir in line, became emperor, and the Vystok Empire continued on with the changes that Ularin promised never coming to fruition. Not yet, at least. Around this period, a newly created religion known as Machinism was on the rise, and they took her words to heart. Tied closely to Machinism was the Red Day rebellion, a rebellion that spanned several thousand years. The goal of which, was to finally end the Empire and herald in the Vystok Republic that Ularin promised.

Habitat and population Edit

In the past, Chevaki settlements depended on close proximity to water. However, at the present, this is no longer required due to the invention of aqueducts and other subsequent technologies that have allowed Cheveki to stray from bodies of water. Despite this, most modern cities on Vystok are still close to water, due to sake of convenience, and the fact that many cities on Vystok are at least one or two thousand years old.

Cheveki have colonized every continent of Vystok, but their urban sprawls, in the past few hundred years, have been largely limited, since skyscraper technology has advanced to a point where they can now be taller than ever, without fear of collapse. Instead of going outwards, cities now tend to go upwards. In addition, sub-surface cities have also developed under many urban sprawls, although these have mostly been reduced to slums due to neglect.

Many worlds within the Vystok Republic are also colonized, mainly those that are resource-rich and those that are habitable.

Biology Edit

Chevaki biology is fairly common to Iraxian-based life. They possess much of the same physiology that other Iraxian-based intelligent life has: the legs, a tail, the torso, the arms, the neck, and the head. Despite sharing a common ancestor with many other intelligent lifeforms, Cheveki are still genetically distinct.

Life Cycle Edit

Chevaki reproduction takes place as internal fertilization by sexual intercourse. The egg forms within the egg-laying partner over the course of about 3 months, before being hatched another three months later. Typically, only one egg is laid by the egg-laying individuals, although rarely more can be laid. In extremely rare cases, two Chevaki hatchlings can hatch from the same egg.

Diet Edit

All Cheveki are omnivorous, although individuals may exhibit preference towards carnivorous or herbivorous lifestyles, based on whatever food source is most abundant.

As Cheveki have a massive population group on the planet of Vystok, it would seem that sustaining such a population with foodstuffs would be difficult. However, Cheveki have adapted to this by developing massive farming skyscrapers, where each level is used to grow different crops. As this is highly effective, Vystok has become a major exporter of crops to other Empire colony worlds, and to other nations.

Psychology Edit

Cheveki have a single brain that controls all of the systems of their body through the central nervous system. The brain is responsible for not only simple fuctions (digestion, heart beating, interpreting the many senses Cheveki have), but also for higher level thinking, reasoning, intelligence and abstraction.

Intelligence Edit

While measuring and comparing intelligence between differing races is difficult, and not to mention unethical, one cannot say for certain whether or not Cheveki are more intelligent than other races of the galaxy or not, but most scholars believe that this question is unimportant.

Behavior Edit

Social Behavior Edit

Cheveki are very social beings that form complex relationships with one another, to the point where their many romantic relationships are incomprehensible to other races that can only experience one form of romance. As with most other intelligent beings, Cheveki are capable of communication with one another, through speech, facial expressions and body language.

Gender and Sex Edit

Early in their history, the Chevaki were commonly split into five genders, although in modern times, this system has all but been dissolved. The last remnants of that system are merely the pronouns that a Chevak may use.