"Don't you think writing about Aurora Corporation from the perspective of Aurora Corp is a bit self-centered? But fine, I'll undertake the task. The story needs to be known." -Hiroki Sherkaya (AFR 2083)

Hiroki's Entry Edit

Aurora Corp was originally a struggling company that was producing outdated military tech. They had little to no researching team, and they were imperialized by the royal family at the time, the Asnikovs. One of the heirs took full control of the company and put researchers in so that it could quickly become the most scientifically advanced, and richest corporations in the world. Well, Vystok, to be precise.

Aurora was then used to start a revolution in which the royal family was killed and overthrown by Severin Asnikov and the nation then becomes a corporatocracy, headed by Aurora. By then, it had all but pretty much bought out all aspects of science and technology in the nation. At this point, they're a mega-corporation, and the largest by far.

Control of Aurora is given to another Chevaki by the name of Radimir. The nation (Vystok Empire) is no longer a corporatocracy but now headed directly by Severin Asnikov. The Vystok Empire (VE) is now completely separate from Aurora, although Aurora is still a mega-corporation and is the VE's leading seller in weapons and technology. They are also the source of the VE's research into... many things. Weird things. Things like derelict alien technology billions of years old, and superweapons. One of their greatest tasks was development and construction of the Hand of Galya.

By now, Aurora is also becoming the birthplace for a technology-centered religion known as Machinism, which advocates for the advancement of science, some weird form of communism/socialism, and many freedoms that VE impedes on. The VE outlaws Machinism, but many scientists, workers and businesspeople within Aurora are still Machinists. Just secretly... Machinists also have really strange "rituals" which are basically almost like raves except with robots (outlawed), and fast-paced music.

Aurora then gets a special request from Severin Asnikov. To extend his life indefinitely. Such a request was met with confusion and horror, especially since indefinite life extension was against galactic law. No one is allowed to be effectively immortal, because the galactic council knew that only the rich would be able to afford it, so they banned it outright. So the council of Aurora is kinda like "eh..." at his request, but they know that Severin would tear them apart if they didn't do it. So they do it. Through much trial and error, they make Severin biologically immortal.

However, it was disguised as a curse. While retaining his youth, and nearing... 200 years old, parts of his body began to fail, shut down, or just outright fall off his body. He was literally falling apart. Fucking pissed, he told Aurora to fix it right then. Aurora, now composed of mostly Machinists who were starting to secretly plan a revolution against Severin. Because they knew that Severin was planning something MASSIVE... The VE was buying so much more weapons and military vessels than ever before. They were going to plan a massive offensive against the entire Galaxy.

So now Aurora, which was once imperialistic and right-winged, is starting to become increasingly left, to the point of nearly asking for communism. The people in Aurora know of their influence and how they could bring down the VE. It would be difficult, but it could be done. Their people are depending on them.

They start to put actual weaknesses inside the things that they're giving to Severin, but they're shipping so many things out, it's hard to put subtle weaknesses into things that are mass produced on the scale that they are! However, Severin still suspects nothing. Severin, meanwhile, is starting pretty much become a cyborg. All lost organs and limbs are becoming mechanical. They can't afford to fit him with more artificially-grown flesh because it would just fall off later on. And having fake skin covering it all would make it harder to make adjustments later on. So Severin, through many hundreds of years (and yes, this is how long it takes to get from:

Corporatocracy Aurora to Machinist Leftist Majority Aurora.

Severin makes his move against the galaxy, and a major conflict ensues that pits pretty much everyone against Severin, but Severin has the upper hand. No one knew that Severin had an army that big because it was still under the technical jurisdiction of Aurora, which hid those vessels, and they were also allowed to have their own army on account that Aurora is almost pretty much its own state (sorta. it's a weird and complex thing but they're technically a state within the VE, owning their own colonies and certain properties).

Aurora then strikes against the VE with surplus vessels that they stocked up on, and then a war between Aurora and the VE starts. Aurora then joins the rest of the galaxy in a Coalition against Severin and the VE. Aurora shares their research with the rest of the galaxy and now they're evenly matched with the VE for not only a revolution, but now a massive galactic war.

"So that's where we are. It's not surprising that I don't have much to say. I'm a scientist, not a historian, but I'm also one of the five scientists on the Aurora council so. Go figure. We're still locked in this goddamn war, and to make matters worse, Severin has his hands on the Hand of Galya."